Thank you for your trust in the members of this Divan. We all look forward to serving you in 2020.

When I was first ask if I would join and support a new Temple here in Europe I never thought it would come to something like this.


Next year we will celebrate 10 years having started in 2011. We have come a long way lets make the 10 years full.


Our Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder said:

Every year, the Imperial Potentate is asked to have a theme, or a slogan, that will define his year. That was easy. JUST ONE is a phrase I have come to believe in, and to live by. It’s short, easy to remember and perfectly describes the path we need to take in membership development.

I firmly believe in the power of one – the power of each person. Every person matters; every person can make a difference. If every noble tries to make a difference, and help bring JUST ONE new person into the fraternity – or help one person return to his fraternity.


As Ill. Sir Zeljko R. Gschwend said in his theme “Look Around You” this we have done. But just because the year 2019 is done that is not a reason to stop. We must continue to Look Around us.


This leads to the Theme of the year 2020 “All Together”.


Just two words, but for us to grow as we wish we need to work all together. The Divan: here I must thank the Emirat Shrine Members you have used good judgment in the past years in the election of the Nobles to the Divan. All have worked together as a team.


I am sure this year will be no different. I am sure we are a team.


Welcome Noble ??? to the team. We are all together as a team, the Club and Unit Leaders by working together to have active events. Nobles and your Ladies by being active as you can. There are always ways to be active that do not take all your time. Talk Shrine, Talk Emirat: to your friends and Brothers.


Nobles, this is a request to you the members of Emirat Shriners, “All Together” step forward, make suggestions for the years program or next years program. We, All Together will see what we can do with your ideas.


Here is the pin for the year 2020:

With the words “All Together”, a Fez for our Fraternity Shriners and Freemasons, a child for the work we do for and with our Shriners Hospitals and a clown for fun the reason for the Shrine.


These All Togther...


We are “Just one”; Man, Mason, Shriner, Lady; but “All Together” we are Emirat Shriners Europe and we can have a successful year.  

"All Together..."!

Ward Williamson
Potentate 2020

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07 - 08 May 2021

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