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If you need more details for one of our events and you can`t find it in the calendar please contact our Recorder.

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Upcoming Main Events:

24 June 2023

Emirat Potentate & ACGL Grand Master BBQ

St. Leon-Rot, Germany

02 - 06 July 2023

Imperial Session Shriners International

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

09 September 2023

Emirat Shriners Stated Meeting

Wiesbaden, Germany

15 - 17 September 2023

Emirat Shriners Special Ceremonial

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

20 - 22 October 2023 

Emirat Shriners Special Ceremonial

Istanbul, Turkey

10 - 12
 November 2023 

Emirat Shriners Fall Ceremonial

Stuttgart, Germany

01 - 03 December 2023 

Emirat Shriners Special Ceremonial

Rome, Italy

If you have any questions please contact the Recorder.

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