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News 2022

08 January 2022
Annual Stated Meeting &

Election of 2022 Officers, Wiesbaden, Germany

Congratulations to the new elected Divan 2022 of Emirat Shriners:

Potenate: Ioannis Kardassopoulos

Chief Rabban: Frank Ullmann

Assistant Rabban: Volker Deussen

High Priest & Prophet: Anthony Ward

Oriental Guide: Sven Bremer (not in the picture)

Recorder: Paul Curran, PP

Treasurer: Tarek Eker (not in the picture)

Divan 22_edited.jpg

11 March 2022
Emirat Special Ceremonial

Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Congratulations to our 22 new Nobles from Italy...!

Shrine Sicily.jpg

29 - 30 April 2022
Emirat Shriners Spring Ceremonial 2022

Stuttgart, Germany

What a great weekend...!

Today we created 24 new Nobles in Stuttgart Germany during our Spring Ceremonial 2022.


With this, we have crossed the border of 600 Nobles.

Go Emirat....!

Emirat 2.jpg

02 - 07 July 2022
150th Annual Imperial Session Shriners International

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

What a fantastic and especially for Emirat successfull Imperial Session...!

First of all:

Congratulations Ill. Past Potentate and Emirat Shriners Recorder Paul Curran for election as 3rd Vice President of the Shrine Recorders Association!




We got the status as a gold Temple 2021 for a great membership work!




We donated 10.000 Dollars for the Shriners Hospitals for Children!




And of course we had a lot of fun, met new and old friends and we participated in the Imperial Session Parade 2022. 


06 July 2022
150th Annual Imperial Session Shriners International

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


10 July 2022
Annual Bretzelfest-Parade

Speyer, Germany

Emirat Shriners had a lot of fun during the 2022 Annual Bretzefest-Parade in Speyer, Germany.


22 October 2022
Emirat Special Ceremonial

Istanbul, Turkey

Today we created 17 new Nobles in Istanbul during our Emirat Special Ceremonial!


11 - 12 May 2022
Emirat Shriners Fall Ceremonial 2022

St- Leon-Rot, Germany

Today we created another 20 new Nobles in St- Leon-Rot Germany during our Fall Ceremonial 2022.


Proud to be a Emirat Shriner....!


02 - 03 December 2022
Emirat Special Ceremonial

Rome, Italy

The Ritualistic Divan led by Past Potentate Ill Ward Williamson created 7 new Nobles at the House of Grande Oriente D'Italia. In the evening there was a great dinner with the members of the "Emirate Shrine Club Roma".


16 - 17 December 2022
Emirat Special Ceremonial

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Together with the Sicily Shrine Club, under the Emirat Shrine Center Europe, we created 13 new Nobles today in Palermo, Italy.

We really had a great weekend! 


@Cicilia Shrine Club: Thank you for a well organized ceremonial weekend.


19 December 2022

Christmas Message 2022 of the Emirat Shriners Divan.

Christmas Message.jpg
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